Something about bicycles just seems to inspire true innovators. From the Wright Brothers to a bunch of guys racing fat tire bikes down Mt. Tam, people who love bicycles are constantly searching for new and better ways to do things, and every now and then a truly gifted inventor looks at an old problem and decides it's time for a solution. For our founder, Stan Koziatek, that problem was flat tires.

Stan's NoTubes was established to offer a better tubeless tire system. Using his exceptional ingenuity, Stan devised the original NoTubes sealing system in 2001—the same system that today has become the preferred tubeless conversion system around the world. Before anyone in the industry had even considered the concept, Stan had seen the future and was already innovating again, developing tubeless rims with short side walls and his patented Bead Socket Technology. Yet to be equalled by the competition, BST marks a huge step forward in tubeless technology, allowing for lighter rims, lower sidewall heights, improved durability, increased traction, and decreased chances of pinch flatting. Utilizing the same genius that helped him develop the tubeless system, Stan has developed a superior line of tubeless ready rims and wheelsets that offer all new levels of performance. All NoTubes rims share Stan's race-proven designs, designs found only in a company built by riders, for riders, and constantly dedicated to innovation.

Originally known as the secret weapons of elite mountain bike racers, NoTubes products are now the choice of riders worldwide. From Olympic Champions to weekend warriors, those searching for better durability, lighter weight, and unsurpassed performance choose NoTubes—and we continue to be inspired by all of you! We love what we do, and Stan is constantly tinkering with new ideas and looking for better solutions. When you buy a NoTubes product, you know the concept and design came directly from the inventor himself.

Two major publications have included Stan in their short list of the most important people in cycling. More than a decade since he began testing thousands of formulas to perfect his tire sealant, NoTubes is recognized as the leader in tubeless technology, and Stan is recognized as one of the most innovative and influential figures in the history of cycling.

NoTubes Founder, Stan Koziatek, Recognized by VelonewsVeloNews has recognized Stan Koziatek as one of only seven "creators," individuals whose vision and dedication have fundamentally reshaped the cycling landscape. Like many true innovators, Stan's designs, once met with resistance, have become industry standards—and the benchmark by which imitators are judged. Stan's vision for a tubeless system has created an entirely new category of bicycle products. Once told his concept for a new kind of rim wasn't worth producing, Stan has since seen the design ridden to an Olympic gold medal and countless championships, and rims with his innovative Bead Socket Technology remain among the most sought after of products on the market. Stan's designs have earned NoTubes a huge and loyal following around the world and continue to set new standards in tubeless technology.

Mountain Bike Action Recognizes Stan Koziatek, Founder of NoTubesMountain Bike Action named Stan one of 25 "People Who Shaped Mountain Bike History," citing his unwavering drive to innovate, his influence on the development of mountain bikes, and the quality of his products. For Stan, innovation and product quality have always been the most important aspects of the company. When he was just beginning to spread the word about his tubeless systems, Stan didn't just market his technology—he demonstrated his tubeless sealant himself. As word spread, professional racers asked for NoTubes products for one reason: those products worked drastically better than the alternatives—and led directly to faster lap times.

Stan's NoTubes designs have become the preferred choice of countless professional athletes and dedicated riders simply because they work. At NoTubes, our commitment to developing the next generation of outstanding products—new designs that outperform everything in their class—remains unchanged. Second to none, from day one, our goal is simply to build the best products possible to improve your ride.


Ниппеля Universal 35mm Mountain

Ниппеля Universal 35mm Mountain
Артикул: AS0018

Конвертер Standard

Конвертер Standard
Артикул: RS0017

Standard Kit

Standard Kit
Артикул: KT0008